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ESS - Glasgow Electrical Contractors
ESS - Glasgow Electrical Contractors


Welcome to the ESS - Electrical Contractors website.

ESS - Electrical Contractors is a specialist electrical contractor based in East Kilbride, Glasgow, Scotland.

ESS - Electrical Contractors supply everything electrical for on-site use - on a Safe-Power-Basis.

From mains incoming units, to Mains Distribution Assemblies and Transformers, to 110 Volt Distribution and lighting, and with our commitment and dedication to all areas of Health and Safety and Environmental Issues, you can be sure ESS - Electrical Contractors is a name to trust in.

All our Installations are carried out and rigorously inspected for safety by our own team of qualified electricians, technicians and operators. On completion of each installation all equipment is further tested and certified to meet all relevant standards.

ESS - Electrical Contractors operates its own fleet of fully serviced vehicles - guaranteeing you, the customer, a truly flexible and reliable service.

ESS - Glasgow Electrical Contractors


T: 01355-244666

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